The Best Heavy Metal Songs of All Time

The Best Heavy Metal Songs of All Time

From Ozzy’s moment of madness to Lemmy’s sudden demise, heavy metal has seen it all. The legends that have walked along this path requires no introduction, and their art tends to speak a thousand words. But which among them was the best? Which among them songs were the best heavy metal songs of all time? Well, to find that out, we went down the genre and picked some heavy tunes that pour honey into the ears of a headbanger. Hence, here are the best heavy metal songs of all time.

Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath)

Black Sabbath will appear on any list that includes the term heavy metal because the band was the leading force that started it all. Their albums and a classic line-up of talent threw raw energy all around the corner, and their songs will never be forgotten. One among their classics to make it to the top and eventually named the best is the 1980’s “Heaven and Hell.” Yes, that’s right. The heavy metal classic featuring Dio is a dichotomy between good and evil and has all the right ingredients to keep you going.

Am I Evil

Am I Evil? (Diamond Head)

Before Metallica laid their hands on “Am I Evil?”, the original was popularly known as a path-breaking force into heavy metal. Experimenting with different time signatures and a couple of other aspects, “Am I Evil?” has it all, and you need to cherish each and every single moment of this song. The speedy guitar solo got it all right and went on to inspire top guitarists to catch up with the tunes of Diamond Head. Hence, it is a classic that will always be a part of a metal head’s playlist.

No More Tears (Ozzy Osbourne)

From “Crazy Train” to “Ordinary Man,” Ozzy Osbourne’s career has been a rollercoaster ride that manages to continue beyond time. While he has always given us hits, he hit the mark of perfection with “No More Tears.” The song talks about a serial killer and his unfortunate victim and brings about a sense of complexity to the mix. The dark approach followed by Ozzy’s signature vocals makes the song a complete package, and everyone can enjoy the same.

Fear of the Dark (Iron Maiden)

As legends, Iron Maiden was famous for bringing about poetry into the genre and creating a whole different experience to heavy metal. While their albums ended up being classics, there is no doubt about a few songs standing out from the crowd. And one among those songs is “Fear of the Dark.” Filled with classic artwork and other genre-defying songs, “Fear of the Dark” was the perfect recipe for completing the list and getting things going.

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