Top Metal Facts You Need to Know About

Top Metal Facts You Need to Know About

Heavy metal is a whole different genre that has reached new heights where it places its artists on a different planet. Their raw energy and ungodly talent have always left people excited and motivated to headbang like never before. Due to all that, everyone is excited to know more about their favourites and the people who started the genre of heavy metal. And what better way to do so apart from looking at a set of facts. Well, without further ado, here are the top metal facts that you need to know.

Ozzy’s Days Behind Bars

Ozzy Osbourne or the Prince of Darkness needs no introduction, and if you do you need one, then you haven’t heard heavy metal. The frontman of Black Sabbath has always found himself at the centre of trouble with his interactions with drugs and various other aspects. During his earlier days, Ozzy was also serving jail time for petty theft, and it was then that he used a piece of graphite to tattoo the letters O-Z-Z-Y across his knuckles. Thus began the journey of a legend.

Dio & Sharon Arden

Ronnie James Dio is widely known as a legend of the game, and his art is loud enough to tell you more about the same. While his initial days with Sabbath will always be remembered, his turn as a solo act was more powerful and gave us classics like “Holy Diver” and the “The Last in Line.” Surprisingly his entry to Black Sabbath has a lot to do with Ozzy’s current wife and manager, Sharon Osbourne. Back then, she was known as Sharon Arden, and she was the one who recommended Dio to Sabbath.

Metallica Got It Wrong

The biggest metal act of all time or Metallica is responsible for shifting gears of heavy metal and bringing out a new future for American music. Their classic albums powered by riffs and vocals are all around the corner, and everyone is in love with the band. But before they become legends, there is a thing that went wrong. The first edition of the “Metal Massacre” got it wrong by misspelling Metallica’s name and did so with two t’s.

Megadeth and Animal Rights

Megadeth and Animal Rights

Megadeth’s albums have created a space of its own, and people weren’t going about comparing the band with Metallica. With every leading song and album, Megadeth grew bigger and better. Thanks to that, fans were going all out, buying their albums and headbanging to Megadeth’s tunes. While they were at it, they would have surely missed Megadeth’s connection with animal rights because their title track from “Countdown To Extinction” was awarded the Humane Society’s Genesis Award for raising awareness about animal rights.

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